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Radiological Features Of Subarachnoid Cisterns


In this article, we are going to describe briefly the radiological features of subarachnoid cisterns. This article describes which modalities can be used to look for subarachnoid cisterns and how they are seen on different modalities. Ultrasound: Cisterna magna usually measures 2-10 mm in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters in an antenatal ultrasound. Cisterna magna is the only subarachnoid cistern that can …

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Subarachnoid Cisterns – Anatomy

subarachnoid cisterns

SUBARACHNOID CISTERNS: GROSS ANATOMY: Subarachnoid cisterns are CSF-filled spaces within subarachnoid space between arachnoid mater and pia mater. There is marked difference in the shape of the brain and internal contour of the skull, so the subarachnoid space is deep in several places especially around the base of skull thus called subarachnoid cisterns. They contain more CSF than the ventricles. They are …

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