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Respiratory System Cases

Case No. 20: Round Pneumonia

Case No. 20 Round Pneumonia - AP view

Modality: Chest X-ray (PA & lateral view) Description: The frontal and lateral chest radiographs show a partially ill-defined rounded left lower lobe opacity with an apparent base on the posterior pleura. Diagnosis: Round Pneumonia Key Points: Round pneumonia could have variable sizes and appears classically in the posterior portions of the lower lobes. This process respects the lobar anatomy and …

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Case No. 18: Leptospirosis – Bacterial Infection

Spotter No 2: Leptospirosis

Modality: CT Chest, Lung window, axial views. Description of Case No. 17: CT scan lung window shows patchy alveolar infiltration, ground-glass attenuation, interlobular septa thickening, ill-defined small nodular hyper-attenuating areas. Differential Diagnosis: Acute eosinophilic pneumonia Non-specific interstitial pneumonia Leptospirosis Pulmonary edema Pneumocystis pneumonia Cytomegalovirus pneumonia Diagnosis: Leptospirosis Key Points: Leptospirosis results from infection of the zoonoses Leptospira sp. Leptospirosis is …

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