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Abdomen And GIT Cases

Case No. 23: Annular Pancreas

Annular Pancreas - CT Abdomen (Axial View) radiologydefinitiondotcom

Case No. 23: Annular Pancreas Modality: CT Abdomen (Axial View) Report:  The CT examination revealed the presence of a band of pancreatic tissue encircling the descending duodenum. No other abnormality is seen. Diagnosis: Annular Pancreas Key Points: This congenital abnormality results from incomplete rotation of the ventral pancreas and a segment of the pancreas encircles the descending duodenum. There are …

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Case No. 8: Villous Adenoma with Carcinoma of Colon

Procedure: Contrast study: Barium enema Description: A large, lobulated mass fills the lumen of the sigmoid colon. Overlying mild mucosal irregularity present with narrowing of the distal segment of the colon. No stricture or obstruction is seen. Diagnosis: Villous adenoma with carcinoma of colon Key Points: The barium enema, particularly with a double-contrast technique, is valuable in detecting colon polyps as …

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