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Abdomen And GIT

Fast Ultrasound: Focused Assessment with Sonography in Trauma

fast Ultrasound - Radiology definition

Fast Ultrasound usually refers to the assessment of abdominopelvic viscera’s for injury and body cavities for fluid in case of trauma. Technique of Fast Ultrasound: Fast Ultrasound is performed in emergency situations. Fast Ultrasound is performed by Ultrasound machine using 3.5MHz and 5.0MHz probes. The patient should lie in the supine position. Also, examine in lateral decubitus position. Apply a …

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Anatomy Of Liver Segments – Couinaud Classification

Liver Segments

The Couinaud’s classification divides the liver into eight segments. These liver segments are functionally independent. The liver is divided into segments in the horizontal plane by the right and the left main portal veins. It is also divided into the vertical plane by the right, middle and the left hepatic veins. The middle hepatic vein divides the liver into right …

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