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Case No. 9: Adamantinoma – Bone Tumor

Case No. 9: Adamantinoma
Case No. 9: Adamantinoma – Bone Tumor


X-Ray Tibia Fibula (AP view)


AP radiograph of the tibia shows a chronic lytic process involving the anterior medial cortex of the midshaft of the tibia, with evidence of chronic sclerotic reactive bone formation at the base with the slight involvement of the medullary canal. No periosteal reaction noted. No cortical break is seen.



Key Points:

Adamantinomas are primary malignant bone tumors. They mostly involve tibia. It mainly occurs in young patients.

In the tibia, adamantinoma usually appears as eccentric, multilocular (because of the sclerotic margins of overlapping radiolucencies), slightly expansile, sharply or poorly delineated osteolytic lesion. They lack periosteal reaction.
It is found in the diaphyseal location although the metaphyseal extension of lesions or isolated involvement of a metaphysis is occasionally seen.
The lesions are well-circumscribed involving anterior tibial cortex, with septations and peripheral sclerosis.
The lesion is commonly intra-cortical but may destroy cortex and invade the extracortical soft tissues as well.

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