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Case No. 7: Right Middle Lobe Consolidation

SPOTTER 7 Right middle lobe consolidation (Pneumonia) 2nd

Case No. 7: Right middle lobe consolidation (Pneumonia)


X-Ray Chest (PA and lateral view)

Description of Case No. 7:

There is a large area of consolidation with air bronchogram seen in right mid-lower zone causing silhouette along the right cardiac border and loss of the medial aspect of the right hemidiaphragm.There is a tube-like structure (CVP) twisted in its upper extremity, and the end is reaching up to the region above right hilum slightly above the main opacity.


Right middle lobe consolidation (Pneumonia)

Key Points:

When alveolar air spaces are filled with fluid either exudate or transudate is called consolidation.
There are many causes of consolidation, e.g., pneumonia, pulmonary edema, atelectasis, and ARDS.
Right middle lobe consolidation should be differentiated from right middle lobe collapse. In right middle lobe collapse, there is the shift of mediastinum to the right, crowding of right sided ribs and elevation of right hemidiaphragm. Air bronchogram are absent.

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