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Case No 1: Rickets

Musculoskeletal System case no. 1
Case No. 1: Active Rickets


X-Ray wrist (AP View)

Description of Case No. 1:

Widening and fraying of the metaphysis and irregularity, cupping and enlargement of the metaphysis noted at the distal end of radius and ulna. The periosteal reaction also observed in distal shafts of radius and ulna. No fracture was seen.


Active Rickets

Key Points of Case no. 1:

Widening of the metaphysis should be differentiated from scurvy and hyperparathyroidism.

  • In scurvy, there is generalized osteopenia and cortical thinning.
  • In hyperparathyroidism, there is subperiosteal bone resorption and terminal erosions.

Fraying of metaphysis should be differentiated from fibrous dysplasia and lead poisoning.

  • In fibrous dysplasia, there is a ground-glass matrix and no periosteal reaction.
  • In lead poisoning, there is bands of increased density at metaphysis and shows bone in bone appearance.


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