Case No. 32: Secondary Hypertrophic Osteoarthropathy

Secondary Hypertrophic Osteoarthropathy

Case No. 32: Secondary Hypertrophic Osteoarthropathy Modality: X-Ray Femur. Report Of Secondary Hypertrophic Osteoarthropathy: Symmetric periostitis is seen involving the distal portion of the femur. No fracture was seen. Differential Diagnosis: Hypertrophic Osteoarthropathy. Hypervitaminosis A. Chronic venous insufficiency. Pachydermoperiostosis. Thyroid acropachy. Ewings Sarcoma. Osteomyelitis. Diagnosis: Secondary Hypertrophic Osteoarthropathy. Key Points: A syndrome characterized by digital clubbing, arthritis, and bilateral symmetric periostitis …

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Case No. 30: Primary B-Cell Lymphoma

Primary B-cell lymphoma

Case No. 30: Primary B-Cell Lymphoma Modality: CT Scan Brain (Axial view) Report of Primary B-cell lymphoma: CT scan showed well delineated, spontaneous high density, homogeneous lesion with a central calcification in the pineal region. Perilesional edema and mass effect were moderated. The lesion involved the posterior part of the third ventricle, and both thalami (“butterfly sign”). Differential Diagnosis: Germinoma. …

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Case No. 29: Solitary Osteochondroma

Solitary Osteochondroma Seen en-face

Case No. 29: Solitary Osteochondroma. Modality: X-Ray of Hip Joint. Report Of Solitary Osteochondroma: A large irregular mixed type of lesion seen arising from the intertrochanteric region of the femur, with zones of increased and decreased radiodensity. No cortical break or periosteal reaction noted. Normal hip joint. Differential Diagnosis: Fibrous dysplasia Intraosseous Lipoma Chondromyxoid fibroma Liposclerosing myxoid tumor Osteochondroma Diagnosis: Solitary …

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Case No. 28: Intraosseous Lipoma

Case No. 28: Intraosseous lipoma

Case No. 28: Intraosseous Lipoma Modality: X-Ray Hip Joint (AP view) Report of Intraosseous Lipoma: Hip joint AP view shows a geographic lesion with a faint rim of sclerosis and two foci of sclerosis in the femoral metaphysis. No fracture was seen. Diagnosis: Intraosseous Lipoma Key Points: 15% of intraosseous lipomas occur in the femur. Intertrochanteric region and femoral neck are …

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Case No. 27: Pott’s Disease with Psoas Abscess

Pott's Disease with Psoas Abscess

Case No. 27: Pott’s Disease with Psoas Abscess: Modality: CT Abdomen with contrast. Report of Pott’s Disease with Psoas Abscess: Abdominal CT was performed which showed left sided psoas abscesses displacing the left kidney anteriorly and involving the L1 vertebral body with marked erosion and destruction. The right kidney is normal. Diagnosis: Pott’s Disease with Psoas Abscess Key Points: The …

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Case No. 26: Calcified Hydatid Cyst

Case No 26 Calcified Hydatid (Echinococcus) Cyst

Case No. 26: Calcified Hydatid Cyst Modality: Excretory Urogram. Report of Calcified Hydatid Cyst: An excretory urogram reveals a calcified mass extending inferiorly from the lower pole of the left kidney. This lacy or reticular pattern of calcification can be seen when daughter cysts and other contents of the cyst calcify. Diagnosis: Calcified Hydatid Cyst Of Left Kidney. Key Points: Hydatid cysts …

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Fast Ultrasound: Focused Assessment with Sonography in Trauma

fast Ultrasound - Radiology definition

Fast Ultrasound usually refers to the assessment of abdominopelvic viscera’s for injury and body cavities for fluid in case of trauma. Technique of Fast Ultrasound: Fast Ultrasound is performed in emergency situations. Fast Ultrasound is performed by Ultrasound machine using 3.5MHz and 5.0MHz probes. The patient should lie in the supine position. Also, examine in lateral decubitus position. Apply a …

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Case No. 25: Giant Pontine Cavernoma

Giant Pontine Cavernoma

Case No. 25: Giant Pontine Cavernoma Modality: CT-Brain Report Of Giant Pontine Cavernoma: The CT brain without contrast reveals a tumor lesion localized in the pons and extending to the left cerebral pedicle. The lesion appears inhomogeneous because of the coexistence of hyper- and hypoattenuating areas. The adjacent perifocal edema was compressing the 4th ventricle without causing hydrocephalus. Diagnosis: Giant Pontine …

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Case No. 24: Fibroadenoma BIRADS(II)

Fibroadenoma BIRADS(II)

Case No. 24: Fibroadenoma BIRADS(II) Modality: Breast Ultrasound and Mammography Report Of Fibroadenoma BIRADS(II): Mediolateral oblique and Craniocaudal views of left breast mammogram show an oval-shaped homogeneous mass in upper inner quadrant which has relatively smooth and well-defined border. There is no microcalcification or architectural distortion. On ultrasound images, the lesion is homogeneously hypoechoic with lobulated but distinct margins with …

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